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Do you remember Lady Sybil serving as a nurse in Downton Abbey ‘s series 2 during the First World War ? And do you remember her commitment, professionalism and devotion to her patients ? Well, you can find the same ardor and commitment in the lovely and precious activities of THE MURRAY PARISH TRUST.

Lady Sybil serving as a nurse

We discovered their admirable charity activities by reading a beautiful post about “Highclere Easter Trail ” written by Lady Carnarvon on her fantastic blog .

” “What a fabulous day! It was wonderful to see so many happy faces in the sunshine and to have raised such a fantastic amount to help support Southampton Children’s Hospital. A big thank you to everyone who came along to enjoy some Easter fun!” – Sarah Parish

A special thank you goes out to The Meaningful Chocolate Company who very kindly donated the Easter Eggs for the trail and to Lady Carnarvon for making us the chosen charity for the trail”

Mr Bunny and his special friends at Highclere Castle
Mr Bunny and Company

But now let’s read together some important information about The fantastic Murray Parish trust :

” Back in 2009 my husband Jim and I lost our first daughter Ella-Jayne to a congenital heart defect. It was an incredibly distressing, life changing time for us and when we finally recovered from the horror of it all we felt an overpowering need to help the people that had given us the short time we’d had with Ella-Jayne.

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton Hospital is where Ella-Jayne spent almost half of her life, and consequently it became home to us too. During our time at the hospital Jim and I had the privilege to witness first hand this incredible facility in action.

The compassion, professionalism and skill of the clinicians that worked there was awe-inspiring. What was also astounding was how desperately they depended on fundraising to provide all the equipment and bed spaces they needed.

There is only one way to numb the pain of losing a child and that is to help other children. To try and make a difference to their lives and help give them the future they deserve.”

Sarah & Jim

In fact the most valuable thing we can give each other is our time and love. And the only way to fill the empty space and overcome a terrible grief is to help other people. ” Your strength has made me strong though life tore us apart and now when the night seems long your Love shines in my Heart! ” (Your Love, Ennio Morricone)

” Since founding The Murray Parish Trust in 2014 we have help raise over £2.5 million for Southampton Hospital. This includes funding for a brand new Children’s Emergency & Trauma Department, 2 new bed bays for the PICU, a full-time counsellor and a specialist helicopter gurney to transport critically ill infants via Air Ambulance.

In 2019 so far, we have raised funds for a Specialist Intensive Care Children’s Bed and a 3D Modelling Printer for paediatric cardiac patients “

The heroic staff of The Murray Parish trust continued these important activities even during last two years ! “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing ” Edmund Burke) . So while the pandemic was taking place during 2020 & 2021, it certainly became much more difficult to support in every way they would have liked and even now, they are limited in terms of being able to visit Southampton’s Children’s Hospital in person due to precautionary measures to keep the young patients on the wards safe. That being said, these heroes managed to turn their efforts towards online fundraising, keeping in touch with their generous community of sponsors & donors via social media & encouraging donations as part of things like online shopping. They’re really pleased to have seen the return of events and lots of smiling faces along with them this year!

So , NOTHING can stop good women and men!!! And finally let’s know some powerful testimonials :

It has been, and continues to be, an absolute pleasure working with them. Their passion, commitment and energy have been an example to us all. We will be eternally grateful for their support and the lasting impact they will have on the work that we do.

They are both inspiring and huge fun to work with.

Peter Hollins

Chair, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

I have been incredibly honoured to work with the team, and look forward to doing so in the future.

Steve Brine


Finally we let you know, dear readers, the most exciting detail . Would you like to know the team’s favourite Downton character?????

Here’s to you the truth: VIOLET CRAWLEY, Dowager Countess of Grantham is the unanimous favourite amongst the Team!!!

The sublime and supreme Lady Violet

But now we have to remember two fundamental details:

  1. Let’s visit The Murray Parish trust ‘s website
  2. Let’s help these wonderful heroes

In the pilot episode of NEW AMSTERDAM’s TV SERIES, Dr Goodwin walks into the hospital’s auditorium, introduces himself to the hospital staff and says: “How can I help? That’s not a trick question. I’m really just asking. I work for you so you can work for your patients.” This becomes his catchphrase for the entire series.

And we think that these words must become our favourite quote in our lives. HOW CAN I HELP YOU ? Let’s help the other !

Lights will guide you home ( Fix you, Coldplay)

HEARTFELT THANKS TO VERY KIND AMY ( Press and social media)😁😁😁