How can you experience joy easily?

Here’s to you an enchanting extract from an interesting interview ( from The guardian) with PATTI SMITH that the great actor Mr Brendan Coyle suggested reading on Twitter

” I feel terrible for young people because, in all my years, these seem like the worst of times, in terms of war looming, the pressures of social media and the environmental crisis, which is frightening. My main personal challenge in life has been illness. I was always a sickly kid, but I got through tuberculosis, scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox and an earlier pandemic. Then I had to go through losing childhood friends, my brother, my husband and my fellow musicians. I’ve found that as people we have the power to endure a lot of things and also to make things better. I don’t have any answers, but I look to the young, someone like Greta Thunberg or my daughter, who is a climate change activist. Every human being has responsibility to make things better, every action gets reaction and even in the smallest of ways we can all do something useful.